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This was a very fun project to do! We were contracted to redesign the Duplex Cabaret Theater, a very busy nightclub in the West Vilage. They offer live entertainment twice a night, and feature a wide variety of performances such as singers, comedy, jazz bands, new plays and musicals, and just about anything else you can think of.

The manager wanted a space that looked great, was easy to maintain, and reflected the history of this club which has been a downtown staple for over six decades.

Duplex cabaret Theater Lights On

We chose new commercial grade carpeting that could handle an audience of 70 people coming and going two times per night. Dark-colored chairs, tables and tablecloths can handle their heavy use, and a dark faux finish wall was painted which gives great ambience when the lights are on, and "disappears" when performances are taking place to give focus to those on the stage. Tables and chairs were selected at different heights - shorter in front, taller in back, to give everyone in the audience a great view of the performance on stage.

Custom-painted images of the stars and celebrities who all got their start at the theater were commissioned, framed, and placed on the main wall. Customers of the club enjoy to see these paintings, and discuss their favorites. Faux candles offer a hint of ambience, and perform dual-duty to allow people to see better in the dark.

Duplex cabaret Theater Performance

When the show is on, the house lights go down, and the theatrical lights go up on the stage! Walls and tables seem to disappear into the darkness, and the audience is sure to have a good time seeing their favorite performers.

Each performace is a lot of fun and many customers have been coming to the theater for years. They all enjoy the new design of the space and can't wait to come back to see the next show!



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