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Designing one of Downtown Manhattan's most popular summer spots was beyond fun! The Duplex Outdoor Cafe is located on the busiest street corner in the West Village, and is one of the best people-watching spots in the City.

The owner and manager were looking for a completely fresh design that was both modern and welcoming to customers, and still one that reflects both the historical and fun natures of the neighborhood.

Duplex cafe Daytime

The first thing we did was to interview the staff members and see what would make it easier to do their job, and what the customers have asked to see improved. We purchased huge adjustable umbrellas for the daytime, as the afternoon sun can get quite hot in July and August. We took the same color from the umbrellas and faux painted a series of custom-built planter boxes, which not only delineate the space, but provide an opportunity for boxwood plants to give the feeling of nature.

Duplex cafe Daytime

The planters also hold the suport for a series of LED market lights, which look great at night. We selected stainless steel tables, which are sleek and modern as well as extremely easy to clean, and comfortable aluminum and wood chairs to coordinate. The floor plan was laid out to maximize capacity as well as the size of the main aisle that waiters will deliver their drinks to the customers.

Duplex cafe Customers

Customer response has been wonderful, and people love to sit outside for hours enjoying one of many specialty cocktails.

Duplex cafe Customers

The Cafe has become even more popular since the re-design, and both locals and tourists flock to get a table with their friends.

Duplex cafe Nighttime

At night, the umbrellas come down, the lights turn on, and guests have an open view of the Manhattan sky and the center of New York's most vibrant neighborhood. The architecture was framed in LED rope lights to accentuate the signature arches, and the market lights have proved quite the attraction to the location.

Duplex Cafe NYC

During the night time, the area comes even more alive and exciting, and the Duplex Cafe is one of the most vibrant spots in the neighborhood. It is a very popular meeting spot that everyone loves to sit in and enjoy a cocktail.

The owner, the manager, the staff, and the customers have all been very pleased with the re-design of the outdoor cafe, and we hope they all continue to raise a glass to the good times to be had there!!



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