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Glam & Go is a great new company that is geared toward helping the busy, fabulous, modern woman look her best every single day!

Express Styling Salons offer washes and professional blow-outs in 15 minutes, and are located in high-end gyms and spas all around New York City.

The clientele are women who work out before their jobs in the morning, during lunch, or after 5 PM, and just don't have the time to go back home to blow out their hair before their nect appointment... enter Glam & Go! Now, women can relax and enjoy themselves and get pampered before going back to work, out on a date or out to dinner and drinks with friends!

Glam & Go Row Hotel Full

Here is a busy Express Salon located right in a big hotel in Times Square. Women who are staying at the hotel are joined by those who just finished a spin class, and they can pop in, and pop back out, ready to conquer their day!

Each salon features the work of a great local NYC Artist, which adds personality and flair to each individual space - so while each is consistent to the brand, no two salons are exactly alike.

Glam & Go David Barton Gym Christopher Street

The Express Salon in the West Village is located in David Barton Gym. This space that was once an un-used area of the basement level has been turned into one of the busiest salons in the chain!

A spacious and welcoming area close to the locker rooms allows women to stop in, sit down... and get pampered! And who couldn't use THAT before heading back to work?

Glam & Go David Barton Gym Cash Wrap and Retail

The reception and retail areas serve as a place for clients to book their next appoointment (most ladies come in several times a week) but also pick up some shampoo, conditioner and other featured hair products that will keep them looking gorgeous!

Glam & Go David Barton Gym Custom Hair Station

A custom double-station was designed especially for this space, with two big comfy chairs for customers to sit while they get their hair done, check their email and catch up on some gossip!

Glam & Go Upper East Side Butterflies

The Upper East Side location features artwork of 300 hand-cut paper butterflies, floating across the walls and adding some cheer to this sleek and modern space.

Glam & Go Upper East Side Sign and Sink

A portable sink was added to allow women to get their hair washed before their style... there is a solution for everything, even when there's no plumbing! Fabulous mini-chandeliers hang overhead to give the place some great details.

Glam & Go Upper East Side Stations

Two Hollywood Vanity-style mirrors, with LED lights and integrated iPhone charging docks, illuminate the stations. They add that much needed "Glam" touch, along with the beautiful linen and metallic curtains which do a lot to soften the space and make it much more feminine.

Glam & Go Upper East Side Millwork Retail

A wall of white high-gloss millwork allows for plenty of retail display and storage. The location has become a hit with women in the neighborhood who can't believe how much a quick style can brighten their day!

Glam & Go Astor Place

This location, placed inside the womens' locker room in a high-end gym was a hit from Day 1! Women book their appointents, and can easily pop in for a quick style right after showering!

Glam & Go Upper Astor Place Gallery wall

We added a funky gallery wall with black-and-white pop art images for a great focal point in the salon. This has become a fun talked-about piece that the members love to look at while getting their hair styled!

Glam & Go Astor Place Hair salon Vanity

Custom white lacquered stations with quartz countertops, and a custom mirrored wall with vanity lighting frame each woman's face as she gets her hair blown out before her next meeting!

More and more locations are opening up soon, as they expand to new neighborhoods, gyms and spas. Make sure to be on the lookout for a new one opening near you soon!



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