Hamptons Living Room



This project was designed as a very fun space. The jumping-off point was a series of black and white photographs that were to be featured throughout the house. The idea of "black and white" was taken in a very playful yet bold direction, in order to match the beauty of the images.

In contrast, a very warm color scheme was chosen for paint an fabrics. A bright butter yellow was selected for the walls and a very rich red was selected for many upholstered pieces and accessories. The main Living Room has comfortable seating for guests who come for the weekend (or, in many cases, the week) and want to sit and read a book, have a conversation or enjoy the scenery outside. A triptych of a very modern pool and spa hangs on the main wall as a focal point.

Hamptons Living Room Fireplace

Rose-colored stone was selected for a large fireplace surround, with a mounted flatscreen television. Windows on this level feature valances, but not drapes, to take advantage of the views outside the bay windows. An animal-print globe adds a feeling of whimsy to the space.

Hamptons Dining Room

The Dining Room features upholstered oval-back chairs and a zebra-print rug. Striped and checkerboard-painted accessories line an ebonized shelf, placed under a striking photographed image of a pier in San Francisco Bay. As the house is close to the ocean, artwork portraying water is important in bringing the idea of the surrounding outside area into the space.

Hamptons Hall

The Hall leading from the front door to the Kitchen has a black-and-white marble checkerboard floor, in homage to the photographs displayed in the house. Several furnishings and accessories have an updated Asian feel. There are enough knick-knacks to add visual interest and make the cottage feel like "home," but care was taken to not clutter the surfaces.

Hamptons Kitchen

A full Kitchen including white marble countertops, stainless steel refrigerator, dishwasher and undermount sink is a wonderful feature in the house. Guests can take in an eye-full of the sunny landscaped grounds while preparing breakfast for themselves before enjoying a day at the nearby beach.

Hamptons Foyer

The front Foyer has several important features: a place for housekeys and a mirror to make sure every hair is in place - as well as to playfully reflect a double image of a photograph that itself seems to have a double image. Once down the stairs and out the door, a fun day in the sun awaits!



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