Traditional Den


A Rendering is a detailed view of the Design of a Space,
and can be drawn by hand, as these were, or computer generated.
These images are a selection of a few different styles.

The image above is a Traditional Den with beautiful wood paneling, wonderful arched windows and detailed moldings. The reddish hue of the mahogany wood is contrasted with lush forest green upholstery and window treatments.

A gold console table, accent pillows and accessories brings a rich and classic sensibility to the room, which is bright, and well-appointed with plants and freshly-cut flowers. While the design retains its formality, the room offers an air of comfort and familiarity as well.

Purple Bedroom

This rendering is an example of a very formal Design that has been injected with one modern sensibility: saturated color. The canopy bed, hand-carved crown moldings, arched paneled windows, scrollwork, Hepplewhite chairs and silhouette of very classic window treatments give an extremely luxurious look to the room.

However, the choice to use strong violets, both blue and red, as well as lavender and lots of gold - all in extremely strong hues - is what gets this bedroom noticed. Unapologetic boldness is what sets this room apart from the typical traditonal space and makes it all the more memorable.

Breakfast Nook

A very quiet and subdued Breakfast Nook, the above rendering shows a room designed solely using tones. It is bright, with lots of natural sunlight and can be enjoyed in comfort on a great banquette next to the original window.

A set of four chairs rounds out the table built for six. The walls have been paneled in wood, providing a warm and cozy feel and a wonderful iron and crystal chandelier hangs overhead. This design shows that sometimes comfort, not color is what is called for.

Moroccan Bedroom

How's this for a Guest Bedroom? A very Moroccan-insipred room is shown in this rendering, featuring hand-finished yellow plaster walls, fabulous red silk bedding and an unbelievable hand-carved bed.

An antique wood trunk with inlaid glass tile and stone at the foot of the bed practically steals the show, and provides a very generous amount of linen storage. Guests will feel incredibly special and welcome as they spend a night in such unexpected style.



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