Greenwich Village Glam Living Room



Here is a project that was a lot of FUN! A young creative professional woman who works for a major cosmetics company wanted to redecorate her apartmment on the best block Downtown! She wanted something fun, girly, beautiful and welcoming - not only to her each night when she gets home from work, but to guests when she has them over for drinks and parties.

We chose 2 comfortable sofas in a shiny upholstery, a ton of decorative pillows, beautiful custom silk window treatmments and the perfect custom round ottoman in the center of the room. A gorgeous mirror adds to the feeling of brightness as it reflects the light from the the wall of windows.

Greenwich Village Glam Reading Nook

This absolutely fabulous round oversized chair makes the perfect reading nook! We painted the walls in this area the same pomegranate color as the silk and chenille pillows, and our young woman loves to hop on the chair, grab a glass of wine and a book and have a great quiet afternoon.

Greenwich Village Glam Pillows

We chose to custom-make many of these pillows. We paired pomegranate chenille zebra fabric with a leather trim, and pomegranate silk fabric with zebra trim.

Why not? Pillows are a great opportunity to have some fun with design!

Greenwich Village Glam Bedroom

The Bedroom is a calm and comfy haven in the City. We chose big fluffy bedding with more pillows, a maroon wallpaper and roman shade, and two vintage NYC subway prints from the 1970's that we had printed on canvas and custom-framed. They make the perfect vignette to give a little "edge" to the place, and are a fun contrast to the sparkly lamps and pillows!

Greenwich Village Glam Building

The building is located on the most sought-after block for luxury buildings in Greenwich Village. The sidewalks and grounds are very well maintained and building staff are some of the best around! It's a wonderful place to call "home" and the residents have only wonderful things to say about their experiences here. We were glad to help our lovely client love her home even more!



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