Greenwich Village Loft Living Room



A truly fantastic space to help design, this loft is very large, gets wonderful light throughout the day, and is occupied by a wonderful photographer whose work is shown in large scale prints throughout the space. These images change frequently, and their display was to be a primary focus of the overall design.

We chose a neutral color for the walls, and selected furnishings and accessories that did not draw too much attention away from the artwork, but subtly enhanced it. Certain pieces have bold saturated colors, while others play a more supporting role. The owner entertains frequently, and an eye was given to create a large open space where many guests can enjoy themselves. One major color palette is featured throughout the public areas of the loft, and the different areas of the home are delineated by a variety of interesting rugs of varied pattern and texture.

Greenwich Village Loft Bedroom

A very different color scheme was introduced in the Master Bedroom. The calm blue hue was taken right from the color of the water in the photograph hanging over the dresser. Blue is a very serene color, and was chosen for the bedding and patterned wool carpet.

Greenwich Village Loft Kitchen

The owner of this loft is quite passionate about his cuisine, so the importance of the kitchen cannot be understated. The layout is open, and functions well. Several people may cook comfortably at one time, and others can sit down on bar stools while dinner is being prepared, and take a quick sample of what is on the stove or right from the oven when the chef isn't looking! Finding just the right warm shade of green for the cabinetry was a priority, and we were both quite happy with the results.

A brushed stainless steel toe-kick ribbon was added around the entire kitchen which adds visual interest, and a very easy clean-up. This detail coordinated well with the new hardware, new stainless steel pantry shelving and appliances. Beautiful pendants were chosen over the long counter and work both functionally and aesthetically, given the choice to use filament-bulbs... a great conversation piece. Prominently featured on the main wall is 5-foot long print by Edward Burtynski.

Greenwich Village Loft Dining Room

The Dining Room Looks its best at night. Sunset views are framed by beautiful photographs, accentuated by specially chosen dimmable ceiling-mounted light fixtures. The centerpiece is a fabulous hand-made glass 14-sphere chandelier, which hangs proudly over the Dining Table. An antique hand-knotted Persian Rug gives visual importance to the area, and a wonderful underfoot texture.

Greenwich Village Loft Dining and Living Rooms

The Dining and Living Rooms are open to each other, and both areas have a style that is modern, comfortable, bold, bright, warm, and inviting. After dinners, guests may seat themselves on the large sofa, and enjoy the artwork and collected objects within the space as well as the expansive views of downtown Manhattan, and its most vibrant neighborhood.



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